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Our Philosophy


Private Label curates and operates individually distinct hotels for the sophisticated traveler. We believe in a strong sense of style and design enriching experiences that consistently surpass guest expectations.


The independent philosophy that drives our hotel concepts extends to our company culture and business model at every level. Private Label promotes an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging General Managers to take a leadership role, knowing that they can count on our Private Label team support as needed. We believe that each hotel should develop its own messaging strategy and marketing campaigns tailored to their specific strengths and growth opportunities.

At Private Label, we design and develop signature culinary and spa concepts to run as stand-alone operations. In addition to serving as key amenities for hotel guests, we believe that they should serve as independent profit centers that contribute to our brand equity and financial bottom line.


Sophisticated Style

Our hotels embody personalized, approachable luxury through their highly crafted, smart design and meticulous attention to detail.

Destination Dining

We deliver unique culinary experiences that communicate a sense of place through the creative interpretation of local ingredients and specialties.

Enriching Experiences

We are committed to creating engaging experiences that capture the best of their destination, connecting our guests to the local culture and community.

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