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Our Services

Although Private Label has a high level of expertise in all aspects of hospitality management and development, the following are the core competencies that distinguish the company and set it apart from its competitors.

  • We manage occupancy pace 30-60-90 days out through proper dynamic pricing.
  • We implement proper base bookings and channel management to yield effectively.
  • We automate pricing tiers and manipulate by the hour to respond to dynamic demand requirements.
  • We utilize Advance Purchase strategies over high demand dates to decrease short term cancellations.
  • We create multiple packages and holiday offers targeted around need periods to improve direct booking
The right sales team and strategy is critical to both convey a hotel’s brand and to tap into key feeder markets. Our dedicated luxury sales leadership works with the property sales team to set a robust strategy targeting applicable group segments based on the unique dynamics of the hotel. Private Label’s regional teams have established group relationships with experience growing business across all group segments including Tour/Wholesale, SMERF, Leisure Group, Corporate Retreat, and weddings.
  • We tailor lifestyle photography with sophisticated messaging across direct and OTA channels.
  • We belive in “Instagram”ing the experience by incorporating authentic activities and programming.
  • We launch high-impact targeted Marketing and PR strategies.
  • We are artists in common space programming to facilitate guest experiences and memorable moments.
Private Label Collection has robust digital marketing capabilities and the resources to effectively market, manage, and drive direct bookings.
Key Digital Strategies:

  • Deploy a website, featuring responsive design elements, clear navigation, a curated selection of property and lifestyle photography, multiple calls to action, geotargeted promotions, exit intent messaging, abandonment recovery and specific information about local activities/insider recommendations for the area.
  • Audit all OTAs, directories and social media for consistency and accuracy.
  • Launch appealing specials, packages, and seasonal promotions.
  • Optimize monthly paid search spend to align with demand.
  • Work with marketing to define a social media and promotional calendar that tells a compelling story.
Private Label Collection leads the creation of an independent website that drives traffic and maximizes distribution across direct channels.  We believe in the need to convey the unique identity of the property and provide a clear value proposition to increase high rated direct business  and differentiate the site from OTAs.
Key Web Strategies:

  • Deep expertise in luxury design
  • Focus on mobile experience aligned with user demands.
  • SMERF Cross-marketing; link social media to create buzz around missions/programming.
  • Cart abandonment and exit intent.
  • Geo-targeting to customize offers based on visitor’s location.
  • Meta-budget strategy for TA, Google, Kayak etc.
  • Live rate strategy with segmented rates based on room type.
  • Facebook/Instagram content with desktop/mobile links.
Private Label believes in tailored hotel programming that goes beyond social media. Private Label works to create, then reinforce the hotel’s brand and sense of place by curating activities that stimulate fun and wellness.
Private Label directs public relations campaigns to market a range of hotel events including major launches and rebranding to capitalize on hotel investments. The hotel’s story and identity are disseminated through social media, peer-to-peer, and marketing campaigns.
Key Services:

  • Target guest identification and brand positioning.
  • Development of a holistic strategic communications plan for each marketing channel.
  • Design messaging, creative content and press kits for each hotel department.
  • Lead partnership with media and social influencers
  • Planning and execution of media events.
Project Leadership

Private Label has the expertise to lead a hotel’s pre-opening phases to execute ownership’s vision and launch an operationally efficient property.

Programming/Design Oversight

Private Label directs designers in the creation of activated spaces that tell the hotel’s story both inside and out. Every hotel feature is curated, from the arrival experience to how the customer shuts off the lights. Private Label incorporates elements such as wine tastings, movie nights, craft cafes and bars, that resonate with guests and the community.

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